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Conditions A

Applicable for all bookings covered under ATOL No: Q2932 as publicized on our official website:


Reserving your Holiday

After receiving request and despot from you, we will confirm your booking automatically and from that point you will be liable for cancellation charges (if booking is cancelled). We will also send you a confirmation accompanying the details of your agreements. Please make a note that telephonic confirmation of booking is equally important like confirmation send to you in written.


Price Guarantee: Charter Flight Arrangements

The prices that are reflecting on the confirmation invoice may be different and not subject to any surcharges. Schedule Flight Arrangements – Remember schedule airlines always reserve the rights to make changes or increase the prices at any point of time and the price publicized on the confirmation invoice will be guaranteed only after the receipt of full payment. The payments made against deposit do not confirm your seat, or your price. Government Price – The price guarantee we offer does not cover the increased charges, resulting due to direct government action like, the obligation of VAT or Fuel Surcharges or Passenger Levy.


Minor Changes to your Holiday

If the situation demands and we are obliged to make changes in the schedule of your holiday arrangements, then we will intimate you as quickly as possible to prevent future hassles.


Major Changes to your Arrangements

Before departure, if any major changes are to be made to your holiday arrangements, e.g. changes of departure timing more than 12 hours, changes of airport (excluding changes of airport between airport across London, aircraft type or airline), then it will only be because we are obliged to do so under the circumstances that are beyond our command. If such event occurs where major changes are to be made to your holiday arrangements, then it is our responsibility to inform you immediately to prevent further hassles and we always endeavor to minimize inconvenience in your holiday arrangements. Whenever possible, we will always be ready to provide you alternative arrangements in accordance to your original choice. We will provide another available holiday arrangement of same pricing of your choice for your acceptance or else simply cancel the arrangement. If selected for cancellation of the holiday arrangement, then we will be liable to reimburse all funds paid to us against the holiday arrangement.


Group Holidays

There are some holiday arrangements provided by us that are based on minimum number of voyagers and in any unlikely event where the number of participants increases beyond limit, then we reserve the rights to cancel the tour and reimburse the total amount paid against the holiday arrangement. Please note, the price of the holiday arrangement may increase if the number of voyager reduces.



Complete details of flights or airlines like, flight number, schedules, destination airport etc will be mentioned on the confirmation invoice. We apologize that we can’t guarantee specific aircraft type or airline you require.



It is strictly suggested by that all clients should have valid insurance before making holiday arrangements. Clients should carefully read the terms & conditions of insurance policy and cover themselves under the insurance policy that satisfy them and meet all their requirements. Company will be delighted to quote some of the insurance plans to you on your request. If insurance is declined, then you need to sign our indemnity form.


Making a Booking

Person making booking through our website are legally accountability for making the payments against the booking of holiday arrangements for all passengers mentioned in the confirmation invoice.



Booking without required deposit will not be considered confirmed. To confirm the booking it is obligatory to pay the required deposit amount and confirmation will only be made after receiving the deposit amount by the Company.


Changing your Arrangements

If the person booking the holiday arrangement desires to make any changes, except increasing number of passengers in the list, then we can address such needs by making changes according to our clients, but our clients need to make an Amendment fee per person additionally for such services. The fee may vary depending upon the type of changes you want to make and you will be informed about the fee while making changes. The changes that you want in your holiday arrangement should be confirmed through written application. At regular interval of time we are obliged to collect additional taxes and you will be informed about the same in prior issuing your tickets for holiday.



If any passenger or you desire to cancel the tour, then it is important to notify us in writing in prior by the person who have done the booking and responsible for clearing all the charges against cancellation. Charges of cancellation are evaluated from the date when we received written notification of cancellation.


The cancellation charges you need to pay (shown as % total holiday cost)


More than 42 days - Deposit
29-42 days - 50%
15-28 days - 70%
8-14 days - 90%
1-4 days - 100%


After ticket issue

In most of the cases, cancellation of holidays results in loss of total amount of travel arrangement. So, for further assistance you may consult your reservation adviser or travel consultants. Please note charter flights are likely to carry 100% cancellation fee both prior and after issuing the tickets.


Cancellation of an Insurance Policy

All type of financial products like insurance, sold to you through distance mediums are subject to have a cooling off period of 14 days (and 30 days cooling off period in case of personal pensions and life insurance). The cooling off period of 14 days also covers situations wherein you purchase the financial product either from a broker or an intermediary, even if the insurance plan was discussed and signed face to face. The broker or the insurer is liable to refund the finds paid by you with the period of 30 days, but they reserve the rights to deduct certain amount as admin charge (Our cancellation charge is only £25.00 per person insured after the cooling off period of 14 days) and a sum proportionate to the number of days you are covered under the insurance plan, regardless of the terms and conditions of the insurance company.


Legal Jurisdiction accepts the jurisdiction of the all the courts that are part of the UK in which the person is domiciled. But, person who is not the domicile of UK, then in such case they will fall under the jurisdiction of Court of England.

Condition B

Applicable for all bookings covered under ATOL No: Q2932 as publicized on our official website:

You are requested to carefully read the terms & conditions as they apply to all bookings made on this site. Moreover, variations of any type will not be considered valid, unless confirmed or agreed in writing by the Director of the Company. Variation made verbally will also not be considered valid.


Our company will only act as the agent in all types of transactions relation to car hire, flights; holiday packages etc. and book these services for you on the behalf of operator or supplier. Our company does not act as the principle and should be considered the same by inference or otherwise. The confirmation offered should not be considered a contract. Contract of our clients is with the Principal named overleaf. Moreover, our company is not accountable for any type of omissions, failures or actions taken by the principal.


No booking will be considered confirmed until the company receives the set deposit amount from you. Principles have the rights to increase or decrease the prices till the date you receive the balance. Payment made against the deposit amount only confirms your seat, but not the gross amount.


Any bookings made on this site will be subject to the principal’s terms and conditions automatically and our company does not reserve the rights to vary them in your favor.


All modifications / cancellation will incur certain amount as cancellation or modification fee.


Please make a note that telephonic confirmation will also be considered equally important as if it is confirmed in writing at that time.


The Company always endeavors to fulfill the needs and requirements of the clients to its best abilities and when the event of complaint arises, we strive to pass such complaints to the principle on behalf of our clients. Being an agent only, our Company cannot force the principle to make correction in their course of actions. The Company strongly suggests its clients to cover themselves and their families under appropriate insurance, whether or not it is written by the Principle in the condition of booking. Moreover, the clients are requested to read the terms and conditions of the insurance policy before signing the documents and make sure that the insurance they are opting for suits their needs and cover them properly by all means. The Company will be happy to quote you few insurance plans if requested by the clients. If the insurance is declined, then clients will be asked to sign the indemnity form of the Company.

Conditions Applying to A and B

All payments made by cheque should be made payable to AMAZING VACATIONS LTD Trust Account, Please make a note that the person booking the holiday on this site agree with the booking conditions and he/she will be liable for all amendments fees, late fees, cancellation charges which may arise later on behalf of the any passenger of the party. Moreover, the person will also be accountable to check all future documentations and intimate us immediately if any amendment or correction is to be made. The details overleaf are given in good faith on the basis of the details provided to us by the principal at the time of booking. If in case omissions are found in the details then it your liability to inform us immediately for further corrections.



The balance left after deposit amount should be cleared by the person before the due date which is shown on the confirmation send to them. Please make a note that for some booking made through telephone mat required full payment as in such case partial payment is not received and until full payment is not made confirmation will not be given to the clients. If this applies then you will be informed when the booking is to be made. So, it is very crucial that you clear the balance amount before due date to prevent cancellation of the holiday, for which you will gain be liable to pay the cancellation charge also. If there are any extra booking charges, then it will be informed to you while booking the holiday. There is a additional surcharge on booking made through credit cards (for Visa and Master Card it is 2% additional Surcharge and for American Express 3% surcharge will be applicable). However, if cancellation can be prevented with the payment fee £20 will be applied to your balance.


Passport, Visas and Health Requirements

You are accountable for checking all these types of items by your own.


Passport and Visa

You are requested to consult your respective Consulate or Embassy for further information on this. Requirements and eligibility for passport and visa may differ and it is requested to check the latest position in prior to your departure. We apologize that we can’t accept the accountability if anyone is refused from entering onto the flight or in any country due to failure on their part to carry correct passport or visa or any other required documents by the airline company, authority or country.



Suggestions inoculation for journey may change at any time and it is requested that all passengers should consult their respective doctors for current recommendations before departing. The requirements for health for your holiday destination are mentioned in the department of health leaflet entitled “The Traveler’s Guide to Health” (T4), which will be available to you simply by calling at 0800555777. You are liable to make sure that you get all the recommended medications and follow the medical advice properly during your voyage and one your holiday to prevent health issues.


Special Request and Medical Problems

If there is any special request you have, then please inform us about the same at the time of booking. Though we will pass on such special request to the relevant supplier, but we apologize that we can’t guarantee to fulfill such special request made by you. Failing to meet the special request does not breach the contract on our part. If any passenger or you have medical issues or disability which may affect the holiday arrangements, then you must inform us in writing while booking the holiday with full details. If we think that we are not able to accommodate your particular needs or special request, then we reserve the rights to cancel or decline your holiday booking.



Booking holiday with us ensures that you agree to take up the liability for all damages or losses caused during the journey either by or by any passenger of your party. Payment against such damages or losses should be made immediately direct to the accommodation manager or owner or the supplier. Failure in making such payment will indemnify us against any claims (including any legal costs) consequently made against is as a result of actions. We believe that all our clients have consideration for other people. If in according to our judgment or in the opinion of other person in the authority, you are not behaving properly or causing distress, annoyance or danger to the third party or damaging the property, then we reserve the rights to terminate or cancel your arrangements without any prior notice to you. In such situation all services to you (including return transport arrangements) will be ceased immediately and we will not be accountable for bearing any expenses that may incur as a result, or make refunds or pay compensation.


Force Majeure

We regret that we don’t take any responsibility for any damage, losses or alterations, delays or changes that may arise from unforeseeable and unusual situations beyond our control including, industrial dispute, civil strife, riot, war, air traffic control disputes, terrorist activity, nuclear disaster, natural disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions, closure of congestion of ports o airports, technical problems with transport, cancellation of schedules by scheduled airlines.


Reconfirming Return/Onward Flight

It is requested to all our clients that it is very crucial to reconfirm your booking outbound and inbound at least 72 hours prior to your departure. The Company will not be accountable for any extra costs that may incur due to the failure of reconfirmation of flights or any schedule changes.


Documents Dispatch

At the time of booking the addresses for all documentation will be provided to you. All documents will be dispatched to you before seven days of your departure. Please note that for booking that are made within 14 days of actual departing date, it is essential that the tickets should be collected in person from the airport directly. Other voucher will be directly faxed or posted at your address. Note that tickets of security scheduled airlines are usually delivered to you through Recorded Delivery and in such cases it is your liability to make sure that you received or collect the tickets. Late Bookings also need courier or registered delivery of tickets and documents and you need to cover the additional charges which will be informed during your bookings.